Out to Put a Dent in the Multifamily Universe

Quick Anatomy of a Strategic Plan

Mission – Why we exist

Values – What is important to us

Vision – What we aspire to be

Goals – What are our measures of success

Key Strategies – How we intend to kick ass

Tactical Actions – Who is doing what? When?

KPIs – Scorecard

Programmatic Advertising

i'm sitting in traffic this morning wondering about end-to-end advertising solutions.A solution that anticipates specific unit vacancy. And automatically cues up programmatic advertising. A solution so robust someone could lease an apartment and move … [Continue reading]

And One – Idea

It happens from time to time. A customer arrives to take occupancy of their apartment and it's not ready. Take this as an opportunity to respond +1. Tell the resident they are in luck! Tell them the apartment is receiving a little extra … [Continue reading]

The Next Big Thing in Multifamily

The War for Talent Vilfredo had it right. Vilfredo Pareto that is. His 80/20 rule is a measure that applies to just about anything including human workforce production. Look around your apartment management organization - 20% of the people … [Continue reading]

Wow Them in the Rain

Next time it rains, meet your customer/resident in the parking lot with an umbrella. Yes - before they get out of the car. Be on the look out - see them pull into the parking lot and run out with an umbrella. It's an "and one" kind of thing … [Continue reading]

Hot Wash Cloth

I went on a trip recently and near the end of the flight I received a hot washcloth. It was a subtle gesture  but powerful. It was just what I needed at that moment in time. A quick wipe of the face neck and hands. It made me feel alive and … [Continue reading]

Wireless Charging Station – Amenity

I'm always on the lookout for cool and easy to execute ideas and I think this one has potential. Nikola Tesla might not see this as a novel concept but neither would be part of our target market. Where to install?  Ikea answers this question … [Continue reading]

2008 to Now

The multifamily leadership space can be described as such:ScaryGuiltyPainfulLiberatingDisorientingExhilarating Empowering Frustrating Fulfilling Confusing Challenging Exhausting What to look forward to? More of … [Continue reading]

Everything is an Education

Might I suggest to you that every adversity you face in your life is an opportunity for education. Might I also suggest that it is incumbent upon you to sometimes be a teacher and to sometimes be a student.And lastly, when you avoid giving … [Continue reading]

Don’t Bring Me a Problem

How do you treat people who highlight problems in your apartment management business? Yes – the squeaky wheels. Do not Bring me a Problem Without a Solution Is your natural response to those who bring gifts of unrest and disrepair – “don’t … [Continue reading]