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Organizational Success

As Mills Properties moves through the process of Scaling Up; I’ll be sharing some random thoughts along the way. Today will be really random – or not. We shall see.

Scaling a company ranks as some of the toughest work one will do in their professional life. The saving grace being that the nature of scaling anything requires the collective force of many – not just one. But there are keys to being successful. Three of those keys are Vision, Mission and Values.

It’s been said many times over but Vision, Mission and Values are central to the success of any organization. Everything an organization does, says or decides should ladder up to the Vision, Mission and Values. When you sit down to make a financial, human resource, operations, capex or marketing decision – view them through the Vision, Mission and Value lens. Easy enough but not everyone sees the value in sitting down to go through the process. Or, they see it as a fifteen minute back of the napkin exercise.

Vision Mission Values are not Important

Let’s skip all that crap and get right to the people, processes and systems. Okay – let’s do that. Let’s create systems and processes that leave the voice of talent, customers and owners out in the blistering tundra of ignorance. Let’s ignore the impact we will have on any or all constituents. No worries – we are the biggest, best and most well-known company in the market. People will come by default. When you think about it they have no other choice. We have the best market intelligence. We have the best people. We have the best benefits. We have the best pay. We have the best processes. We we we… It rolls right off the tongue so nicely.

Now I do agree that creating Vision, Mission and Values is not valuable for the paper statements you deliver at the end. I do posit however that the process you go through to get there is where the real value is.

It’s about who/what you become as you dig into the dirty little secrets, the unspoken rules and the super sacred cows of the company.

It’s about facing your company today and diving in for all that you and the people you work with will become. It’s about coming full circle a year or two from now and seeing the company anew for the first time. Not because the company has changed terribly but rather because you have changed as a person/professional.

Growing People

In the end it’s all about the people. People do business with people. They do business with people they like. And, as I like to say, organizations are in place to serve the people who serve it. Serve the people well and they will serve people (customers, owners, vendors) well. Serve them in amazingly and they will serve people (customers, owners, vendors) amazingly.

Your doing stuff that matters Multifamily Maniac,


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