Out to Put a Dent in the Multifamily Universe

People Only Care When You Care

Standing in the checkout line last night at the grocery store; I overheard a conversation that caused me to think about the word – care.

A young man was giving direction to someone twice his age. His direction went something like this “when you’re not dealing with a customer; you need to deep clean your area.” [Read: you need to care]  And he went on to describe in detail how it needed to be done.

Each of the two checkout clerks looked at him like he had two heads. [Read: I don’t care] And you could clearly tell that they had absolutely zero respect for his authority. And when they verbally resisted by bantering with him; he quickly defaulted to, “you know I don’t really care; it’s so and so that cares. You know, it’s how she is.” One replied with the equally compelling; “Nah; I know.” (All of this happening right in front of me – the customer)

I couldn’t resist the moment. So I chimed in with a simple: “I care.” Stunned silence….

Everything is Marketing including – Caring.

Your caring about the word care Multifamily Maniac,



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