Out to Put a Dent in the Multifamily Universe

Complexity in times of Adversity

Over the course of my career in the Multifamily space I have dealt with my fair share of complexity and adversity. Be it missing expectations, getting a property back on the rails or exercising triage during a fire. No matter the nature, there are a range of things than can and do happen when managing apartment communities. And in those times of adversity, there are a number of personalities that present themselves. And they each bring with them a level of complexity. Excepting one.

Multiple Personalities

You have ‘the sky is falling group,’ known for its doom and gloom, scorched earth, the world if falling apart tomorrow propensities. This is the group that creates reports that track reports. When you think of stall points in a property management organization – this person holds the – I’m that guy/gal trophy high and proud. Complexity.

Next you have the ‘whoa, this is too much for me to handle so I do nothing group,’ know for its complete ill-regard for action. They see the problem so loud and clear that it stumps their ability to move. It’s very akin to the old deer in the headlights saying. Complexity.

Then you have the Stoics, know for their non-impulsive, simply observed, cut to the chase, mindful strategize propensity for reflection before action types. I love these people. They look at a situation – innately know what to do and they simply act. Never shaken by emotional whims; they simply see the solution, rally the players and work the underlying things that make up the larger picture and produce results. No Complexity here.

Your always looking forward to working with the Stoics Multifamily Maniac,


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